Hullabaloo at Palm Beach Polo

Home at last. SERIOUSLY – it feels so good to be back.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and where I live – but a part of me will truly always be at home in Palm Beach. Something about the spirit of the place. You feel laid back and yet upbeat all at the same time – in your mood, fashion, food, and just about everything else. Today I’m sharing a really unique window into the area – & I think you’ll love every second of it. Yes, champagne is included.

One of the BEST things about the Palm Beach area is that there is truly SO much to offer. There’s way more going on than just beaches and Lilly Pulitzer stores. We have fabulous restaurants around every corner, amazing shopping, rich history.

Lesser known among the non-equestrian community, though, is that we are also home to one of the largest and most prestigious winter equestrian circuits in the world. YES – the world. People from ALL over come to Wellington (an equestrian city in the Palm Beach area) for the equestrian events each winter. It draws athletes from all sports – polo, dressage, hunter/jumper, and more.

PAUSE – if you don’t know a single thing about horses that’s SO fine. It’s not an essential here. Let’s not act like everyone who goes to a superbowl party knows who the quarterback is on both teams.

I am going to lay out our WHOLE afternoon at polo for you. I love to live vicariously through my friends on the web. Am I weird for that? My fiancée would probably say yes. But I think there’s such a community of people who agree. If I know that I’m not traveling to Greece this year, it’s super satisfying to scroll through posts from a blogger that I LOVE to read about her experiences in the area. It’s like I took a mini trip to the area too.

In addition to just sharing for those who want to see – this is SO perfect for anyone who lives in the area and may want to go to a polo match yourself, or if you want to plan it as part of your next trip to the Palm Beaches. I HIGHLY recommend.

IT ALL GOT STARTED – pulling up about half an hour before the match started at 3. Majorly wise choice. We parked easily, got our drinks, & found our seats and were able to get a vibe for the place before things really started up. I suggest you do the same. This day was all about being leisurely and enjoying an afternoon with friends, so the last thing you want to do is be running late and screaming at each other. We’ve all been there.

My drink order at the bar was a Tito’s screwdriver – DELISH. I usually stay away from using all fruit juice as a mixer because of the sugar, but today was a #treatyoself type situation so I indulged. We had box seats and they had THE CUTEST drink shelves that I wanted to shove in my handbag and take home. I was trying to behave so I obliviously had to leave it behind.

Quick crash course in polo – they gave us a little cheat sheet when we arrived which came in SO clutch so we didn’t sound like complete morons. There are 6 “chukkers” in a game – these are basically like quarters. After the 3rd chukker is halftime – we’ll get to what happens during this point. THE BEST PART in my opinion, and I think I’m probably right. Each team has 4 players, there are two teams. If you are confused about the general premise – they are essentially riding horses and using giant croquet sticks to hit a ball to a goal on the two ends of the field.

I am SO bad about staying focused on one thing at a time. For this reason, sporting events are usually not the best for me. Don’t get me wrong, I DEFINITELY still go for the social reasons. But I lose track of who has the ball, who is playing, etc. and it gets pretty boring.

YOU GUYS – polo is not that way at all. I find it to be so interesting to watch. I’ve gone to matches in the past & it really seems to get better each time. The endurance that the horses have it incredible and I have no idea how the players keep such exact control of the horses. I can barely figure out how to get my iPhone to do what I tell it – and they are commanding a horse.

Now, the best part is halftime. NO disagreements allowed – it just is. Here’s the situation: you walk down on to the field where there are trucks giving out free (yes, you read FREE) champagne. Heaven is a place with free champagne. To make it even better, they ALSO give you free chocolate popsicles. They play fab music, and it’s basically a party on the field.

The point is that you are supposed to be “stomping divots” (tiny notches in the grass made by the horses’ hooves). But obviously you stomp no divots and scheme for a way to get a second free glass of champagne. Please refer to photo below to see my reaction as I entered the field for previously mentioned free champagne and chocolate popsicles.

I’ll end this shindig on that note – hoping to keep up that vibe for the next week or so. Maybe I’ll print & hang on my bathroom mirror? We’ll see. Trying not to get carried away here.




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