Must Have Monday: Coffee Table Books with Personality

I’m writing to you this weekend from Florida and it’s SO nice to finally get some vitamin D.

Yesterday was packed with fun – we started the day at the Jupiter Seafood Festival, headed over to Palm Beach Polo to catch the final game of the CV Whitney Cup, and then had dinner at one of my fav thai restaurants in town.

I love being back home, seeing inspiration around every corner, and taking in the laid back lifestyle. It’s obviously great while I’m here, but there’s no reason to leave the feelings behind when it’s time to pack up the suitcase again.

One of my FAV ways to bring a little inspiration home with me has always been coffee table books. It seems so simple, but I think choosing books that both inspire you and speak to part of your past is so important.

Some people just order whatever books are trendy right now, and pile them up in a stack. That’s not my thing.

I carefully select each book – either as a reminder of my past or because it will serve as inspiration for my future. Another thing that I do a bit differently than most –  I actually read the books. At least once a week I take time to flip through one of them.

These are a few of my favorite books that I keep around – I hope they will inspire you to seek out some books that are meaningful to you too!

One: Gray Malin’s Beaches & Escape

These books take me on a retreat to simpler days by the shore. They remind me of childhood summers that seemed to last forever. They also are the perfect taste of home when I’m missing days spent lying around the beach and floating in the salty water.

I found the beaches book while at a friend’s home a few years ago, and loved it so much I actually pre-ordered Escape so that I’d get it in the mail the day it was released. Whether you are from a beach town or not, flipping through the pages and taking in the INCREDIBLE photography is sure to cure any case of the Mondays.

Click HERE to grab a copy of Beaches and click HERE to grab a copy of Escape.

Two: Chesapeake Bay: A Pictorial Maritime History

My mom and dad both grew up fishing and playing along the chesapeake bay, and so in a way it feels like part of me too. The copy of this book that I own was actually my parents, and from the few copies available on Amazon it seems that it isn’t being published anymore. This would make a special gift for anyone in your life who has a connection to the area, or if you do personally, you will really enjoy flipping through the pages and learning more about this beautiful area.

Click HERE to get a copy.

Three: Essentially Lilly: A Guide to Colorful Entertaining

Growing up in the mecca of Lilly, Palm Beach, I distinctly felt the spirit of Lilly’s entertaining style in so much of what was around me. She was the creator of the garden party, and and the carefree yet sophisticated style that millions still try to emulate today. This little book tells a bit of Lilly’s personal story, while sharing family recipes and sharing photographs of soirees thrown at her backyard jungle in Palm Beach. In so many ways, this book is the epitome of my own entertaining style, so it’s always a go-to for inspiration.

Click HERE to grab Lilly’s entertaining guide.

Four: Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior

It was always a running joke in my household – “what would Miss Manners do?” Not so much out of a need to be proper all the time, but more so as a humorous jab at those who put emphasis on being perfect at all the time. This book was given to my parents as a bit of a joke as a result, but became such a hilarious addition to parties. Whenever gathered around talking about a particular topic, so often my dad would say – “what does Miss Manners think about that?” and we’d proceed to look it up in the book, and read the entry aloud (probably in some sort of british accent). All jokes aside, this book is great to reference whenever you are hoping to avoid a social faux-pas, or just trying to entertain a few friends over cocktails.

Click HERE to get a copy of Miss Manners.

Do you have any coffee table books that hold significance for you? Where did you collect them?





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