Top 10 Amazon Deals for St. Patty’s Day

I know, I know … it’s not even March yet. BUT – St. Patty’s is my favorite holiday so we obviously have to start getting prepped.

Even though I was an old child, I came from a big, rambunctious Irish family that is VERY proud of their heritage. I distinctly remember as a little girl looking at Oriental Trading catalogs with my mom and ordering just about every St. Patty’s product they offered.


I get pretty bummed each year around this time, because stores always take down the Valentine’s displays and put up Easter immediately. It’s like they forget that St. Patty’s is even a thing – SO RUDE.

Before the days of Amazon this was always a major issue. The Dollar Tree always had a good little section, and old navy a few shirts and accessories, but beyond that there wasn’t much. BUT now that Amazon is here, there are SO many cuter options!

I am a big fan of wearing really cute stuff that happens to be green instead of tacky screen printed shamrocks on cheap fabrics. Soooo today I’m sharing with you my current top 10 faves from Amazon. PLUS they are all eligible for Prime shipping – so if you order today, you can spend the weekend getting in the spirit.

1. Green 3-Tier Tassel EarringsUnder $10!

Tassel earrings are SO popular right now and I love this style – they look EXACTLY like a pair I got from J.Crew a few months ago, but these are a 1/4th of the price. How can you say no to that? They are also really light, which makes them the perfect choice if your St. Patty’s is going to be more of a marathon than a sprint.


2. Green Beaded Tassel Earrings

These were too cute not to include too – but, be warned, they are definitely a bit heavier than the first pair. These would be perfect for a dinner or other event that will only require you to wear them for a few hours. They are such a staple piece though – you will definitely use them long after St. Patty’s is over.


3. Shamrock Cookie Cutters  – Only $8!

First, these are made in the USA which I love. They are a MUST for the St. Patty’s day hostess. You can use them for so much more than just cookies. Cut finger sandwiches, make a festive cheese board with shamrock shaped cheese slices, or use it to put a cheese ball or other dip onto a platter in a shape.


4. Green & Navy Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves were everywhere about a year ago, but they are still one of my faves for the chilly months. If you will be celebrating St. Patty’s in colder temps, this is the perfect way to avoid getting pinched while still staying warm.


5. Clear Green Sunglasses

OK – we already know that I am always on board for some cheap sunglasses. THESE ARE SO IT. The clear sunglasses are starting to pop up on fashion blogs and in stores, so a St. Patty’s pair is the perfect excuse to try out trend.


6. Gold & Green SunglassesUnder $10!

I know, I’m such a hoarder of sungalsses. But I HAD to include these too. If you tend to go for a more retro style, these sunnies are PERFECT and such a great price.


7. Essie Polish in “Off Tropic”Under $10!

If dressing in head to toe green isn’t your vibe, opt for this luxe dark green polish instead. I’m thinking an all-black outfit, with green polish and the sunglasses in #6. Sooo fab but still festive!


8. Glitter Shamrock Shirt

You know those adorable mermaid tees with shells? Like this one? Being the FL girl I am, obviously love everything about it. This shirt puts a St. Patty’s twist on the mermaid look – and I LOVE the look. If you’re celebrating in warm temps, knot the tee at the side and pair with shorts. If you’re in for a chill, jeans and boots would be FAB too!


9. St. Patty’s Fascinator

#TBT to Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding, and it seemed like suddenly the whole world was talking about fascinators. They’re not just for the Britts! If you are an over-the-top kind of gal but don’t want to commit to a full on St. Patty’s outfit, this would be the perfect finishing touch.


10. Party Pack – 108 Pieces for under $20!

While I try to avoid the “tacky” St. Patty’s decor, a little of it always give a party some hullabaloo. The price is great, and will allow you to give your guests tons of fun shamrock & green accessories to really amp things up. Perfect for anyone hosting a party this St. Patty’s Day!


What are your faves for St. Patty’s? Do you tend to go all out or for a touch of green?

More to come this week & next week to get you prepped for my fav day of the year!




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