Must Have Monday: Envelope Address Stencils

Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest and developed MAJOR jealousy for the gorg hand lettered envelopes? You know the ones.

Personally, it always brings me back to elementary school days. #TBT to when handwriting was TOTALLY a competition. Who had the cutest handwriting? Who’s was the neatest? Did anyone else have similar obsessions with friends when they were little?

It’s MUCH easier to get your hand lettering game on point than you might think…thanks to the stencil!

So – the art of letter writing is TOTALLY dying but I’ve always loved it. Thank you’s are great and probably the major reason I send snail mail, BUT – I think writing a friend just to say hello is such a delight.

But, beyond just writing notes, here’s a little bonus idea to tuck away: for your next dinner party or cocktail party, MAIL OUT INVITES! Seriously, trust me on this one. Just think about it – 90% of social events are communicated via facebook, text, or evite. SO, getting an ACTUAL invite to your little soiree will make your guests THAT much more jazzed for it!

This is the stencil set that I have, and I really love them. It’s CRAY how much of a difference it makes to space things out nicely. You can also experiment with different styles – get creative with it. The best part is that you get 3 stencils in the set – for UNDER $10!

Try all caps, all lowercase, cursive, or maybe even a combo of both. I love to use the stencil and write the name in cursive but write the address in all caps.

LASTLY BUT SO IMPORTANT – a great pen is soooo key to getting seriously fab results with your stencil. I LOVE the sharpie pens. They are my go-to and I also use them for my organizer. You can grab some here if you want to try!

Happy addressing! Take a few minutes this week to send some snail mail too, it will be sure to brighten their week.





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