Valentine’s Giveaway

OK let’s just start by saying that Valentine’s Day IS NOT JUST FOR PEOPLE IN RELATIONSHIPS. There is SO much more to life (& this holiday) than just going out to expensive dinners and indulging in boxes of overpriced heart-shaped chocolate.

Valentine’s has THE BEST color scheme of just about any holiday (NYE – you get second for the sparkles). This is the perfect time to plan a get together for all of your single (or committed) friends that’s full of girly pink vibes. I’ve got a ton of great Valentine’s posts coming for ya – from decor, to drinks, eats, and just some good ‘ol party tips.

BUT to kick off all the Valentine’s fun, I’ve put together a GIVEAWAY that’s running over on my Instagram! To help kick-start your Galentine’s party, I’ve curated a box full of all the fun that I’ll be using at my own party (post coming soon).

I am OBSESSED with all the good stuff in this box. Let’s break it down.

  • 12 pack of heart-shaped straws (the literal straw IS A HEART – like instead of being a circle – I honestly died in the store when I saw them)
  • 4 pack of foil heart glasses (perfect for those fun party pics)
  • Red, pink, & white sprinkles (I’ll be using these to rim the glass of a Valentine’s cocktail)
  • Essie muchi muchi polish (obvi so you have the most fab pink nails for your party)
  • Hershey’s “hugs” candies (a little something sweet for you – or for your party guests!)
  • Cocktail napkins with “Happy Galentine’s Day” print
  • Red XO shaped party tray (beyond cute and ideal for serving little treats or even veggies for a healthy snack)

Pretty much a stacked lineup as far as party packs go. Stay tuned because next week I’ll be showing you my Valentine’s party style to get you inspired to throw your own! But in the meantime, head over to my Insta to enter the giveaway! [CLICK HERE] The giveaway ends on Jan 31st and midnight EST so be sure to enter ASAP.

What kinds of hullabaloo are you starting this Valentine’s?




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