Must Have Monday: Triple Milled Soap

Here we are again: another Monday, another large cup of coffee (or matcha if you’ve already jumped on the bandwagon after reading my last post).

Wednesday’s beautiful white snow had me thinking about my ultimate winter weather foe… dry skin. In past years, the cold weather made my skin feel like it was going to fall off. Or peel off, whichever came first.

I have struggled with dry skin my entire life. I got it from my dad (thanks for those killer genes!) and much of my family on his side shares in my battle with hydration. Also, I’m just going to come out and say it. The skincare aisle at the drugstore is total bullshit. Why are there literally 100+ lotions? They all claim to be the best, most hydrating. My previous defense was to stick to a few brands that I assumed to be high quality. Until I listened to a podcast with Dr. Dennis Gross and learned more about the types of ingredients that are truly hydrating. Then I became even more confused because the companies I had trusted were clearly not as great as I had thought, and the other products were still lacking.

My most recent discovery which I cannot wait to share is so much better than a lotion, it’s a soap. Triple milled soap. I know this sounds super unexciting but this is actually killer because you get to skip a whole step by not having to apply lotion after leaving the shower. This incredible soap is different than regular soap because the production process of triple milling squeezes out excess oil and water, making the soap all the more potent and hydrating.

It’s worth it to get your hands on a bar – my skin has been incredibly hydrated since the switch. Less time applying lotion means more time to make a delish breakfast in the morning. Priorities, am I right?

Don’t be deceived – the majority of soaps out there on the market are not triple milled. I usually buy mine at TJ Maxx or on Amazon. TJ Maxx can be a bit of a treasure hunt, though, because you have to dig through all of their soaps to find the ones that are triple milled. Trader Joes also has triple milled soap bars from time to time, so it’s worth checking on your next $2 chuck run.

I’m linking a few of my faves from amazon below so that you can grab yours too – just click on the image to be redirected.

Pure Provence Natural and Organic Triple Milled French Lavender Soap, Organic Shea Butter, Luxury Full-Size Bars, 100% Vegetable Based, Relaxing, Gift Box, Paraben Free 3×5.3 oz (150g) Pack


Michel Design Works Lemon Verbena Oversized Triple Milled Bath Soap Bar


What are your go-to methods for staying hydrated in the winter?




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