Blocking the Blues

I have been on a major mission lately… to get better sleep.

Maybe it was one too many nights staring at the ceiling at 3am wondering why I wasn’t asleep yet. Maybe it was the red-eyed days at work counting down the hours until I got to go home to rest. Most importantly, you can’t start any hullabaloo when you are exhausted. For all of these reasons, I knew that I needed to search for something better.

It’s so important to me that I feel 100% everyday. I love to fully immerse myself in my relationships, work, and things that I do, and I can’t do that when I’m dragging myself from one thing to the next because I didn’t get quality sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have insomnia or anything. But at least once every other week I would have an evening where I struggled to fall asleep easily.


I remember distinctly one night when I was having people over for cocktails in the evening, and the night before I had been awake until 4 am. The whole time, I was just thinking about how much I wanted everyone to leave my apartment so that I could go to sleep. We spend so much of our time doing things that don’t bring us joy, so to have that kind of an attitude while surrounded by the people who make me truly happy was when I knew things needed to change. So I decided to research some ways that I could start sleeping better every night.

If you have read my post about my switch from coffee to matcha, you know that my days have gotten better already now that I don’t have a mid-afternoon caffeine crash. But, the caffeine becomes much less of a big deal when you are well rested. I know that some of you out there are reading this and think I live in a fairytale world. Feeling “well rested” is not something you experience on a regular basis, and I sound ridiculous even saying it.


I have recently splurged got a huge deal on a pair of blue light blocking eyeglasses. What the hell is blue light? I know, I asked too at first. Blue light is emitted by just about anything with a screen. Cell phones, televisions, computers, and more. It all emits blue light. This can interfere with your eyes/brain/feng shui/whatever and give you headaches, dry eyes, and difficulty falling asleep and having high quality sleep.

I often noticed after a long period of time on the computer or on my phone that I was getting headaches, and I have found that these glasses really help with that too. Now I bring them along with me when I go to work, and it’s amazing how that 3pm midday slump has gotten less miserable.

You can grab your own pair from Amazon for only $13.99! This photo shows the black frames, but my are tortoise and I LOVE them! Plus, you can get prime 2-day shipping which means if you order now, you are only two days away from better sleep.

In addition to wearing the glasses, I’ve also been trying to improve my natural circadian rhythms/sleep cycles. An easy way to do this is using the bedtime app on your iPhone. You simply select what time you want to go to sleep each night, and what time you want to wake up. It will remind you before it is time to go to sleep at night (I have mine set to remind me 1 hour before) and then an alarm will go off in the morning. This has helped a lot also.


It’s as if you are training your body to know it’s bedtime without you having to lay down and close your eyes. If you go to sleep at the same time each evening, your body already knows it’s time to sleep before you even get into bed. This has helped me tremendously with falling asleep more quickly. It has also helped with getting up more easily in the morning.

What do you do to ensure that you sleep well? Do you have any nighttime routines before bed to help you wind down? I’d love to incorporate some things into my routine in addition to my blue light glasses. If you order a pair, be sure to let me know what your experience is with them! I hope that are as amazing for you as they have been for me.



PS – Click HERE to order your own pair!



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