My Bridal Shower

Happy FRI-YAY, party starters!

I am so excited to share this post with you today. A few weekends ago, some of my friends threw me a bridal shower and it was truly perfect. They thought of every little detail, and the result was incredible.


Of course, when throwing a party for me of all people, they were stressed that it wouldn’t be up to par. They honestly surpassed my every dream for the party and I couldn’t have asked for anything more!


I will be getting married in May, and this was my first shower so far. This one was also extra special because it was in my hometown in Florida and was full of old friends and precious family. Three of my seven bridesmaids are friends from Florida, and they were the hostesses for the event. They truly thought of everything.

We played a variety of games to spice up the morning, and I’m so excited to share the details with you. These will make a great addition to any bridal shower you may be planning, or with slight tweaks could even be used for other events.

The Clothespin Game: The first game started as each guest arrived, they picked up four clothespins and clipped them onto their blouse. If you hear anyone say the words bride, groom, husband, wife, wedding, or honeymoon, you got to steal one of their pins. The guest with the most pins at the end got to bring home a prize.


In the beginning of the party everyone kept accidentally saying the words. But then, as they started catching on, they started saying things like “the event happening in may” instead of “wedding” and so on, which turned out to be pretty hilarious. Several of the guests became pretty competitive too! This added a fun twist to conversation, and I’m glad that we added it in to the activities for the day. This could be a fun addition to your next cocktail or dinner party and can be adapted to so many themes! I think for a cocktail hour, using names of popular drinks could be hilarious when guests attempt to order or ask other guests what they are sipping on.

Personality Quiz: The next game we played was a quiz to see how much I knew about my fiancé. One of my bridesmaids had texted him beforehand and asked him to take the quiz, so they knew the correct answers. Each guest was invited to guess how many questions they thought I would get right. Later in the party, I had to guess his answers to see how many I got right. The guest who predicted how many I would get correct accurately got a prize!


In addition, I also answered these questions and the party guests had to guess my answers. Of course, the winner received a prize! This could be adapted for a birthday party, going away party, or anything where someone is the center of attention. As the host, ask whomever you are celebrating the questions beforehand and then quiz the attendees!


Then, it was time to open gifts. I felt very blessed (and slightly spoiled), but everything is going to be so useful! For my shower, we included links to my registries on the invitation to make gifting simpler for party guests. While of course some chose to purchase something else, most guests bought gifts from the registry which was great to get things that I truly need for our new place.

It was truly the best day full of my favorite ladies, I couldn’t have asked for a better shower. I hope that things brings you inspiration if you are planning an event for someone special in your life! I still have one more shower to go, so if you have any fun ideas from events you have thrown I would love to hear them.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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