How To Make To-Do Lists Suck Less


To Do lists

It’s fun to pretend that you have your life together. Sure…I’ll just post another perfectly staged photo of the breakfast bowl I made. It was effortless. Duh, it always looks this perfect and I didn’t even try. Meanwhile something in the microwave probably explodes mid-photo shoot and I’ll spend 10 minutes cleaning it up. That’s reality.

The other reality is that my to-do list is always a mile long. I avoid it at all costs. I make it, it looks cute. It’s on this monogrammed paper that I am constantly using yet never running out of (?). That list is dead to me. I don’t acknowledge it. I can think of about 1,000 things I’d rather do than think about it. I’m suffocating under the rubble of my mundane tasks. 

Inevitably, they all pile up until one Saturday morning I know that I have to face reality and just knock them all out. It’s painful to think about what’s ahead. Laundry, cleaning, taking the trash out, running errands, other forms of torture, etc. 

Recently, I’ve been adding a bit of … you guessed it … hullabaloo to my boring ‘ol chores. Let me tell you, crossing things off the list is easer and more fun than ever. I know you are like… yeah yeah, whatever, tell me some strategy for prioritizing some tasks over others. No, I’m not about that motivational BS. To-do lists are to-do lists and there’s no way to make them cuter or happier. 

But, you can have a little fun while crossing things off, and upgrade your mood / efficiency too. Obviously by blasting music, like a teenager throwing a party when his parents left town. Not just any music, not the radio where you have to listen to the hosts try to sell you crap all afternoon. A playlist, and a really good one.

We all have those songs we hear come on in the car and transform into a pop star. Don’t lie, I know you do it too. You are dancing, singing loudly, probably being a hazard to other drivers. You see, I was doing this about 3 weeks ago while driving on the highway. I was having the best time, and I realized, if something as boring as driving can be this fun, what else can be better with great music? 

Voila! A playlist was born of all the songs you might want to pretend that you don’t know every word to but you definitely do. Kick everyone out of your apartment/house and crank it up on the speakers. If that’s not an option, headphones are allowed too. I’m all about keeping the peace with your co-habitants, family, pets, etc. 

Today I’m sharing my playlist to fuel your next to-do list crunch. Can I just say… GIRL. POWER. Beyonce, Fergie, Shakira, Mariah Carey, J. Lo, Missy Eliott, Britney Spears, Madonna… who else could you really have wanted all in one playlist?

Cleaning Playlist

What are your tips for making chores more fun? I still have quite the list, so I’d love to try out your remedies for cleaning and errand boredom. 



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