Seasonal Sip: Pomegranate Fizz

The holidays come with so many reasons to celebrate. There are so many holiday parties this time of year, which I’m of course so happy about. Who doesn’t love a great party? Boring people, I guess. That’s ok, more bacon-wrapped-somethings for me. They can stay home and drink a kale smoothie.

Along with so many holiday events, comes the need for some great drinks to sip on. I’m not saying that wine is getting boring (that would be a crime). What I am saying is that there’s no harm in spicing things up a bit. Insert the pomegranate fizz. It’s basically the holidays in a glass. You’ll be so damn jolly after drinking this thing you won’t be able to contain yourself.


Let’s start with the basics: did I say it’s red? And fizzy? Chestnuts may not be roasting on the open fire this winter, because I am in Florida, but corks popping in the kitchen is a worthy substitute.

Hullabaloo hint: Pre-mix this beverage to give you more time with your guests during your party, if you are the host. Or, if you are traveling, to lessen the numbers of items you need to unpack once you get to the party spot for that evening.

I created this cocktail for my family on Christmas eve, and it was a seriously huge hit. This would also be a fabulous addition to your New Year’s toast. Why start 2018 like the basic that you are? It doesn’t hurt to mix things up.


For this recipe, I used Bellissima brand sparkling wine. My mother discovered it, and it’s incredible because it’s sugar free AND all natural! Just when I thought bubbly couldn’t possibly get any better. It’s absolutely delicious, and being sugar-free makes it guilt-free too.

I chose to use seeds from a fresh pomegranate, but pom brand sells “pom poms” (pomegranate seeds) in the refrigerator section that are ready to go. My holiday guests really enjoyed watching as I pitted the pomegranate for our cocktail, but the “pom poms” are a great time saver, and could make things easy if you plan on taking this recipe with you to a party.


Did I mention how easy this recipe is? I think that’s probably my favorite part about it. It’s also delicious whether you choose to make it stronger with extra bubbly, or perhaps a little weaker and with more pomegranate juice. We’ve all been there… you are a little over all the drinking, but still want to join in on the fun. This cocktail is a great way to still enjoy without feeling like you have to overload with more calories and alcohol than you want.

Pomegranate Fizz Cocktail

  • Servings: 10-12
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • pomegranate seeds (you can purchase the seeds or remove the seeds yourself from a whole pomegranate)
  • pure pomegranate juice
  • champagne or prosecco


  1. If you are using a whole pomegranate, remove the seeds by slicing along the six small lines along the side of the fruit. You will want to make shallow cuts that only pierce through the skin and do not cut the seeds inside.
  2. Add a few pomegranate seeds to the bottom of a champagne flute or other serving glass.
  3. Fill the glass 3/4 of the way with the champagne or prosecco. For a lower alcohol cocktail, fill 1/2 of the way.
  4. Fill the rest of the glass with pomegranate juice.

What are your favorite holiday cocktails that you have been shaking up this season? Consider bringing this easy cocktail to your next party instead of an appetizer, it will be a crowd favorite for sure!



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