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Hey there, happy FRIDAY! Also, its only 10 days to Christmas. How could that be?!


Things have been so busy the last few weeks. I traveled home to South Florida for the holidays, and with it came all of the packing and traveling that just makes me go crazy. Anyone else with me? I think that the “I need to try on 20 outfits before deciding” habit that I get in every time that I’m just going out to dinner multiples itself by a million and deciding what to pack for just a 10 day trip feels impossible. It’s always hard to imagine what could be ahead when traveling, and I cringe at the thought of that feeling of not having something. You know how it goes… you get to the place that you are going, and your hosts say, “We’re going to ….” and you think of the perfect thing to wear, but you left it at home.

Before the pain of packing ensued, I got to have a little fun thanks to my best friend Claire’s birthday. I channeled my inner hostess / baker / decor guru in order to turn my apartment into the party spot. It was insanely fun, and celebrating her is easy.


Her style is a bit different than mine, but is still so fabulous. She loves Anthropologie and all the gorgeous delicate details of their home decor. But at the same time, she loves to throw on a bright outfit and sip some rosè. She’s also one of those friends who just makes you feel like you could conquer the world.  I knew that her birthday had to draw from all of these characteristics that make her unique.

When I plan events for other people, I always try to put a bit of their signature style into the details – from the invites to the decor and food. This can be difficult, especially when you are expressing a style that is not necessarily your own. Luckily, Claire’s boho-chic style made this task all the more fun.

The best part of any birthday party is obviously the cake, so I started by making my signature homemade birthday cake that I whip up for all of my girlfriend’s celebrations. It’s SO delicious, and always surprises people when they hear how easy it is to make. 


To create the Anthro vibes, I “dirty iced” the cake. I’ve seen so much of that trend on Pinterest lately and have been dying to try it! It was surprisingly easier than expected. I also added some leaves to give it more of an earthy feel. I was so impressed with how it turned out, and the birthday gal loved it too. For serving, I put it on my favorite Mackenzie-Childs pedestal platter, which really added to the overall look.

Because the party was in my apartment and I don’t have a ton of space, I put most of the decor on my bamboo folding tray. I layered the bottom of the tray with some gold and pink gift bag filler that I scored from the dollar store to give an upbeat and colorful look. To make sure that the preppy look didn’t take over, I added a chalkboard sign with “HBD” written to incorporate the anthro look. Of course I had to add in some party hats, because, it’s a party…duh. Lastly, the plates and forks for the cake were added. I love these plates and find so many uses for them, and they were the exact look that I needed for this party. The plastic forks also got an upgrade in a happy birthday stemless wine glass


The dining room table was the other major area of decor, and the spot for all the snacks. When it came to determining what food would be served, I needed to keep in mind that Claire is all about healthy eating. She’s the type of gal who comes home from a night out and reaches for carrots and hummus… I on the other hand probably am having something much saltier and more calorie-filled, but that’s why we love her. She does enjoy a good treat though, especially on a special occasion like her birthday. For this party, I knew that we needed a mix of both.


Have you ever tried party crackers? They are my obsession, and every time I bring them with me to an event they are the hit of the night. This party was definitely no different. They are simple to make, you only need saltine crackers, canola oil, and the seasoning which I purchase from Amazon. For our more health-concious party goers, I also put out raw almonds and veggie straws to snack on. Of course, the cake took center stage on this display. To make it easier for guests to serve themselves, I added a mirrored tray with martini glasses on it. A little more of the pink & gold gift bag filler was used here as well. As you can see, a few simple white streamers elevated the mood from mundane dining room to festive fête. These were also purchased from Dollar Tree, I am consistently impressed by the great party supplies I can find at their stores.

I was truly so happy with how this event turned out. Birthday parties can be challenging at times because unlike having friends over for cocktails or dinner, you must incorporate the style and taste of the person who you are celebrating. I have found that this can make it all the more fun, because you can spend a day in their shoes, and explore decor and a style of entertaining that you typically wouldn’t express on your own.

Are you planning a birthday for someone special in your life? Have you recently thrown a birthday soirée? It’s truly so much fun when you can pull together all the people in someone’s life just to celebrate them! My fiancée is celebrating his birthday in just a few weeks, and I’m currently dreaming up what his celebration will look like. No gold confetti, sadly. Hope you make time for some hullabaloo this weekend! 




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