Hello + Hullabaloo

Hello + Hullabaloo

Have you ever been dragged to a cocktail hour / holiday party / work event with a friend and walked in and knew no one? That’s basically where I’m at right now. The good news is, I’m also that girl who knows every person at the party by the time it’s over. 

Nice to meet you…

As a Palm Beach, FL native I have always dreamed of soirees thrown in backyards – where hostesses are barefoot, the drinks are strong, and every guest has a story to tell. Now that I live somewhere that’s cold half of the year and I have a real job, reality set in and I discovered that life isn’t all about sipping mojitos in the pool. But what if we lived our lives with just a bit of that spirit? 

I believe that just about everything in life is worth celebrating – from unforgettable soirees to colorful weekdays. I created this blog for party starters like me who love to fill their lives with a bit of hullabaloo

What’s hullabaloo and why do I want it in my life?

It’s a good thing, trust me. Imagine that buzz about the room at a really great party. Everyone has forgotten about the to-do lists left unfinished, the bad day at work, the imperfections which our society has taught us to worry about. They are fully present, engaging with each other. Smartphones are put away in pockets and purses, and people are daring to be unapologetically themselves. The result is magical… it’s nothing short of a hullabaloo.

I invite you to follow along on this journey. There will inevitably be ups and downs – software glitches, creative burnout, days where I don’t feel like being a party starter. But life is about smiling through the imperfections, so I’m going to share it all. Here’s to making our lives worth celebrating, one soiree at a time!



Author: Casey

a lifestyle blog from unforgettable soirees to colorful weekdays created for party starters who love to fill their lives with a bit of hullabaloo

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